What's New for 2017

Diversity draws attention to perennial programs and increases sales, so we bring a number of new cultivars to market each year. Below you’ll find some notable varieties for the 2017 season. Innovation is key—notably, any quality or change that makes a cultivar stand out from the pack. Our cutting edge breeders have introduced new colors, sizes, forms, and textures, better disease resistance, and enhanced vigor into each individual genera.

AGASTACHE Kudos Series
Agastache and Polemonium
POLEMONIUM ‘Heaven Scent’
Although Agastaches are popular as tall color that competes with Nepetas and grasses in meadow landscapes, the Kudos Agastaches are different. First, they are small–very small. The bloom heights are around 24 inches. Second, they sit well as specimens, holding their shape well in the garden. Third, the Kudos bloom generously so they provide a strong shot of color in the heat of the summer. Drought-resistant and heat‑loving round out their features.
A Brunnera on steroids, ‘Alexander's Great’ has huge frosted leaves more reminiscent of a Hosta. With the characteristic sprays of bright blue forget-me-not flowers hovering over the jumbo leaves this variety is sure to be a star of the spring garden. Prefers shady locales that do not get too hot, especially in areas with a humid summer.
Polemonium ‘Heaven Scent’ has classic fernlike foliage with undertones of deep purple. In late spring this variety has masses of especially fragrant bright purple flowers. Though it prefers cool, it tolerates sun and heat, allowing it to be the only full sun Polemonium we carry.
BRU Alexanders Great 0007
BRUNNERA ‘Alexander’s Great’

COR Lil Bang Daybreak
COREOPSIS Li’l Bang ‘Daybreak’
Big bicolor blooms on a small spherical habit. Everything you could want in a dwarf Coreopsis. Bright bicolor red-on-gold flowers start before most begin blooming and finish after most have stopped. It does all this on a neat little 12-inch tall plant that usually takes the form of a sphere of blossoms for most of the year. Excellent disease resistance and looks great mixed into pots and planters.
COR Lil Bang Daybreak

One of our favorite single Dianthus, ‘Raspberry Swirl’ breaks the stereotypical short and bright pink mold. A sophisticated ring of dark burgundy surrounds the center with a careful picotee pattern tracing the edge on a light pink base. Great rebloomer with a strong spicy fragrance.
DIA Raspberry Swirl
DIANTHUS ‘Raspberry Swirl’
Sophisticated pattern of white and raspberry staining on a fragrant flower with rebloom.
ECHINACEA ‘Rainbow Marcella’
Brilliant bicolor on sturdy stems.
ECH Butterfly Rainbow Marcella
A medium-sized, well-branched coneflower with single bicolor flowers in rainbow sherbet tones of pink fading to orange. This staple of the full sun garden is a rainbow of color that will be drawing in butterflies and envious glances all summer.

HEU Champagne
HEUCHERA ‘Champagne’
Leaves ranging from bright pinks to rich golds.
Peach-pink leaves with white veiling emerge in the spring turning golden during summer. New foliage growth throughout the season creates a unique multi-colored effect. Maroon stems of light peach flowers bloom freely all season. A colorful foliage plant for the shade.

Fully double pom-pom flowers have yellow centers that fade to white halos at the edges. Very floriferous, ‘Luna’ makes a dome of flowers covering the plant so thickly you can barely see its bright green foliage.
LEU Luna
Pretty little pom-pom Leucanthemum with yellow halo fading to white.

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