Frequently Asked Questions
This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us at (717) 556-0000.


Do you have a minimum order?
No, but if you want a full box we recommend ordering 2 trays.
How many trays per box?
Two 21-cell trays per box.
What size are your plugs?
The CP21 is 3” X 4”, CP50 is 2” x 2”, and CP72 is 1 ¼ “ x 1 ¼”.
When I place an order, how soon will I get the order?
Generally if you place an order before Wednesday we will ship your order the following Monday.
Will my order be vernalized during the winter months?
During the fall and winter months we do have some greenhouses that we keep cold and some that are heated. If you want your order to be vernalized we suggest that you request vernalization. This will ensure your order will be dormant when you receive it. (The hibiscus policy will apply.)


What time of the year do you start shipping?
We propagate and ship year round.
Do you allow customers to pick up their orders?
Yes, this helps our customers save money. We allow customer pickups Tuesday through Friday from 8 am to 3:30 pm, at our main location: 17 West Main Street, Leola, PA.
What are your shipping charges like?
There is a $6.50 per box charge. Please call the office so we can provide you with an approximate cost. We use UPS for shipments. Orders that are 32 trays and over will ship with a truck carrier. At the present time we do not use LTL for orders shipping to the west coast. These orders ship via UPS 3 Day Select.
How would I get an order shipped to me by a truck carrier?
We generally ship orders on a wooden rack when they are 32 trays and over; however, we do a price comparison to see if it will save our customers money to ship UPS or LTL. We also check the weather conditions before deciding to ship LTL.
Do you deliver orders using your trucks?
We deliver to our customers within a 100 mile radius and charge $2.75 per flat for delivery. The minimum trays for delivery are 50 flats. Of course we try to plan accordingly and schedule other deliveries in your area. Sometimes it might be more cost effective for us to ship LTL.
When do you ship hibiscus?
We like to ship actively growing hibiscus. We realize that some customers like to get their hibiscus when the plants are dormant; it is fine to do so but we do NOT guarantee dormant hibiscus.


How do you handle back orders?
We will not automatically set up back orders without the consent of a customer or broker. It is in the customer’s best interest to notify the office or their sales rep if they want a back order.
How do you plan for my future order?
We have production meetings every 2 weeks; this allows us to look at future orders and plan ahead. If we anticipate a problem we will notify your broker or you, yourself, if you are one of our direct customers.
Do I have to use a broker?
We encourage you to use a broker; however, we do realize that everyone does not use one. So yes, you can place orders directly with us.
What do I have to do to open an account with you?
Please provide us with your company information; also, you will have to complete a credit application to have terms with us. If you do not want to complete a credit application that is ok, but we will need your credit card information to pay your invoice.
If I pay by credit card when do you charge my card?
We charge your credit card after your order has been picked up or shipped to you.
How do you handle credits?
We need pictures of the trays that you are claiming. After review and approval we will issue credit. Please note that we do not issue credit on dormant hibiscus.

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