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Creek Hill Nursery

17 West Main Street
Leola, PA 17540

Attractive and Gardenworthy

Native Plants for Pollinators

Creek Hill offers a number of notable pollinator plants, native to North America.
Phlox Jeanna

PHLOX ‘Jeana’

Found by chance near a river in Tennessee, ‘Jeana’ is a testament to good luck. It’s a tall meadow Phlox that blooms in midsummer with heavy loads of nectar, judging by the swarms of butterflies that surround it. A stand of ‘Jeana’ also emits a fragrance with spicy undertones of clove. This happens to be one of the best looking summer Phloxes for the long haul. It displays excellent resistance to disease and humidity.

Lonicera Major Wheeler

LONICERA ‘Major Wheeler’

With the longest blooming season and the most saturated red, ‘Major Wheeler’ is the best of the native honeysuckle vines. Long tubular flowers attract hummingbirds for regular visits and the plant blooms freely throughout the summer. It works best when grown on a support.

Solidago Fireworks

SOLIDAGO ‘Fireworks’

Our favorite goldenrod was rescued by the North Carolina Botanical Garden in the 70s. Solidago grows naturally at the edge of woods, and ‘Fireworks’ is famous for its displays of golden yellow arcs growing about waist to chest high.

Asclepias tuberosa

ASCLEPIAS tuberosa

A native famously known as Butterfly Weed, this meadow perennial happens to make a good garden plant as well, especially in stands where the beneficials can swarm over its flat tops of orange. A deep taproot once established helps it weather dry spells.

Our Native List

CHE Tiny Tortuga 72

70 trays available

POL Touch of Class 50

51 trays available

CAR Bunny Blue 72

32 trays available

HEL Sunstruck 72

27 trays available

AST Woods Pink 21

25 trays available

CHE Hot Lips 72

24 trays available

HEL Siesta 72

23 trays available

HEL Bleeding Hearts 72

21 trays available

HEL Sombrero 72

20 trays available

ASC incarnata 21

19 trays available

PHL Triple Play 72

19 trays available

RUD Herbstonne 50

18 trays available

GAI Arizona Red 72

18 trays available

GAU Siskiyou Pink 72

16 trays available

HEL Fuego 72

14 trays available

ASC incarnata 72-V

14 trays available

AST Woods Purple 72

13 trays available

PHL Triple Play 21

12 trays available

HEL Salsa 72

12 trays available

RUD Prairie Glow 72

11 trays available

EUP Gateway 21

11 trays available

EUP Gateway 50

11 trays available

AST Woods Blue 72

11 trays available

CAR socialis 72

9 trays available

LOB cardinalis 72

6 trays available

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