Sneak Peek 2021

Peek into the future this winter with new varieties from Creek Hill Nursery, formally announced at the January MANTS trade show in Baltimore, Maryland. Available for shipping this spring, these crops can be ordered through your favorite broker, via the Creek Hill shopping cart, or directly by email or phone. Below are a few highlights from this year’s collection.

Double Hellebores!

Helleborus Southern Belle Mix

HELLEBORUS SOUTHERN BELLE MIX: A treat for very early spring blooms. We are excited about this mix from Pine Knot Nursery, experts in Hellebore breeding. Double Hellebores are not seen very often, and this mix offers a wide range. Colors go from pure white to deep purple, with petals that have ruffled spaces to slender lances; patterns run from solids to brushed tips to freckled along the interior. The degree of doubling isn’t predictable among Hellebores—some are lightly doubled and some are heavily doubled.

Two Highlights

Agastache Crazy Fortune

AGASTACHE ‘CRAZY FORTUNE’: As a sport of ‘Blue Fortune’ this Agastache shares the same big blue blooms. The crazy in ‘Crazy Fortune’ comes from the bright white margins found in its foliage.

Anemone Satin Doll Blush

ANEMONE ‘SATIN DOLL BLUSH’: Two-toned Anemones are the rage these days. ‘Satin Doll Blush’ has a light pink face against a dark pink back. An equally important feature is its higher bloom count.

Long Stained Petals

ECH Pretty Parasol

ECHINACEA ‘PRETTY PARASOLS’: A European innovation, ‘Pretty Parasols’ has pink staining on the extra-long white petals that surround the cone. This interesting cultivar has a pallida-like habit: the flower opens flat, then the petals drape under the eye as the flower ages. It’s a taller variety at about 48 inches.

Two Standouts

Brunneria ‘Alexandria’

BRUNNERA ‘ALEXANDRIA’: Oversized leaves were brought to the market by ‘Alexander’. Now comes its sister variety, ‘Alexandria’, with fully silver leaves on the same vigorous plant.

Phlox Glamour Girl

PHLOX ‘GLAMOUR GIRL’ has all the core values we expect from a summer Phlox: large balls of color, good height, and strong disease resistance. It’s a reliable tentpole that brings customers back year after year.

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