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Frontmatter2NEW CULTIVARS 2014

Some of next year’s Rising Stars are in this list. We introduce new perennials with features we believe are important, different, or special; but our perennial buyers are the ultimate judges of success. The first order is curiosity; the second order is satisfaction. Click Here to View

Frontmatter5BESTSELLERS 2014

Ranked in our Top Ten for more than five years running. The Classics usually define the category and represent large sales. Click Here to View

Frontmatter3GARDEN TRENDS 2014

Each year we analyze the purchasing trends of all our perennials in order to understand the purchasing habits of our buyers. In addition to the important best-sellers, there are growth opportunities among many of the smaller genera. Click Here to View

FrontmatterRISING STARS 2014

The growth end of the business are the new cultivars. Nearly 40% of our shipments last year were varieties we did not sell five years ago. Buyers want to know the hot, upwardly trending perennials: The Hot 50, ranked by real sales data and introduced from 2008 to 2012. Click Here to View

Frontmatter46 KEY GRASSES

Grasses are part of the gardening vocabulary in both containers and in the garden bed. If you are beginning to work with grasses, here are six cultivars we highly recommend - broadly popular, great habits and very distinctive looks. We consider them to be the basic tools any designer can keep in their toolbox to handle a wide range of situations. Click Here to View